What patients say about Dr.Satish Rudrappa

Doctor Rudrappa did spine surgery of my father Mr. Aditya Nath jha and it went very successful. He has great human behaviour along with knowledge and technical expertise. We are so thankful to him for doing the surgery and keeping the environment so easy and positive and happy. He makes the patient feel so relaxed and at ease that is a very good for healing factor.

We recommend him for any sort of spine or brain issues.Also the charges of surgery is moderate compared to other hospital in city. He is a must go to doctor in the country and is the best. Thank you so much Doctor Rudrappa.

Yes, he is just in form of God saving human life’s,amazing grace.


Anshu Jha

He is one of the best Doctor for Spine and Brain ever seen. I used to travel from Hyderabad to Bangore for his treatment for my 2 years old baby having spinda bifida . The way he deals with patients are incredible. He is very clam, listen to patient carefully and give a confidence for proper treatment.


Asif Aftab

For money he’ll not use knife to cut your body, he suggests alternate exercises to prevent from surgery… He Speaks greatly to know your experience with your problems…I suggest to consult him before getting operated on any spine/neuro related issues. It’s not so easy to recommend a Dr. on spine related issues, but here I WILL….


Govind R

We visited the doctor, he is quite practical in approach and understands the patient in no hurry.
Quite impressive and professional. Understands the patient and complexity of the situation.


Deependu Saxena

The rating is for the doctor and not the clinic. While searching for neurosurgeons in Whitefield, I found Dr Satish on Practo and booked an appointment ASAP. I called on Wednesday, and I was given a spot on Friday night at 8pm.

Thankfully, we called 2x before coming for our appointment and was told that the doctor will be late. He did come late- about 1 hr later, which is understandable for an in-demand, Top rated doctor. The clinic follows the order of appointments and not according to how early you show up. We met patients who were waiting for 3-4 hrs for Dr Satish.

Our experience with him was positive. He listens patiently and is very frank and confident with his diagnosis and treatment plans. His more than 2 decades of experience really makes a difference. He recommended us for another MRI, which we frowned at, initially, but to our relief- the MRI at his hospital (Sakra) showed a much better picture of the actual condition. We are impressed at his practical approach at solving things and look forward to a successful surgery.


Krish C