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Acoustic Schwannoma

An acoustic schwannoma is a non-cancerous tumorand itgrowsin the Schwann cells. The primary role of Schwann cells is to safeguard and insulate the nerves of the peripheral nervous system. Acoustic schwannoma, also called acoustic neuroma grows slowly and affects the cochlear nerve and the facial nerves, thus creating a significant impact on hearing and facial movements respectively.

Two effective procedures for removing acoustic schwannomas are – surgical technique and radiotherapy through cyber knife.

1. Surgical Removal

Removal of acoustic schwannomas through microsurgery requires the skills and expertise of a specialist neurosurgeon. The procedure of surgery is conducted by making a small cut in the skull. Through the opening, specialized medical instruments reach the spot ofthe tumor and successfullyremove it. Special care is taken to safeguard the cochlear or facial nerves from getting damaged during the surgery. For small tumors, it is possible to save the other nerves from getting damaged. However, for bigger tumors, it is a difficult task to safeguard the cochlear nerves from getting damaged after the completion of the surgery.

2. Cyber knife

Removing acoustic schwannomas by the method of cyber knife does not require incision. Cyber knife is a robotic radiosurgery that radiates a highly focused beam toward the target and removes it with extreme precision. The high-power radiation destroys the harmful cells while keeping the healthy tissues around them intact.

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