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The spinal cord is made up of a bunch of nerves that pass through the vertebrae and connect to different parts of the body. The lower back of the spinal cord is known as the Lumbar. Stenosis is an occurrence in which the spinal cord in the lower back portion becomes narrow. Narrowing creates space crunch leading to pressure on the nerves and the cord.

One of the main causes of stenosis in the lumbar region is osteoarthritis, a condition that arises due to depletion of the joints. Other causes may be attributed to old age, injury, or unusual bone growth in the vertebrae. The symptoms of stenosis in the lumbar area include the following-

Diagnosis of stenosis is done by conducting various tests and MRIs, CT scans, or X-rays to obtain images of the condition of the spine. Treatment options include Epidural steroid injections to reduce pain and traditional methods like medicines and modifications in lifestyle. Surgical intervention such as laminectomy may be necessary to reduce pain in case of complexity.

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