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Meninges is the membrane that encompasses and safeguards the spinal cord and the brain from getting damaged. Meningioma has a slower rate of growth and is mostly a non-cancerous tumor (though some tumors might be cancerous) that grows in the meninges and predominantly affects middle-aged and older people

The common location for the occurrence of meningioma tumors is on the brain’s surface, that is on the outer membrane known as dura matter. Though the symptoms are not vividly felt, but some common signs are-

The specialists diagnose meningioma tumors by studying images obtained through MRIs or CT scans, or on the basis of outcomes of physical examination or medical histories. If the doctors find the tumors are smaller in size and less harmful, they prescribe medicines for reducing the growth of the tumors. However, if the tumors have more potential to harm, the doctors seek different treatment options like therapies or surgeries to achieve maximum health benefits.

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A Glioma is said to be a type of tumor in the brain whose place of origin is the glial cells. These cells are located in the brain and spinal cord region

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