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Cervical spondylosis with Myelopathy

The spinal cord is subjected to various changes as an individual starts growing old. These changes alter the shape and structure of the spine and its adjacent structures. Cervical spondylosis with myelopathyis a condition that is concerned with nerves which gradually gives rise to painful neck conditionsdue to changes in the spinal cord and the other structures around it. It has become a prevalent occurrence among adults yet in most cases there seems to be delays in its diagnosis and treatment.

The spinal cord is a pathway through which impulses are transmitted from the brain to different parts of the body. Hence, damage or changes in the spine has a high chance of causing numerous problems all over the body. Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy gives rise to pain and stiffness in the neck because of compression of the cords. However, the signs of occurrence may not always be prominent. But when there is a hindrance in the flow of impulses due to the narrowing of the cords, the following symptoms can be felt-

  • Hands and legs becoming weak
  • Feeling of numbness
  • Difficulty in maintaining balance in the body
  • Pain in the neck spreading to the shoulders and arms
  • Inability to control bowel movement

Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy can be treated if it is detected on time. Medicines can reduce pain and inflammation in and around the neck. Physical therapies have proved to be effective in increasing muscle strength and reducing neck pain. Doctors can advise neck braces to restrict movements and prevent the pain from becoming severe. In case of further complexity, doctors opt for surgical measures to reduce the worsening of the condition.

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