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Glioma and Awake Craniotomy

A Glioma is said to be a type of tumor in the brain whose place of origin is the glial cells. These cells are located in the brain and spinal cord region, that is the Central Nervous System. The predominant function of the glial cellsis to support the nerve cells present inthe brain and the spinal cord. Thesetumors can either be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).Based on the type of tumor, size, location, and complexity, the neurosurgeonsrecommend the treatment procedure most suitable for their patients.

The symptoms of glioma differ based on their position, dimension, and intensity of occurrence. Some common symptoms are-:

Doctors usually detect the tumorby conducting MRIs or CT scans. Acquiring images through computerized methodshelps neurosurgeons to understand the characteristics and complexity of the tumors. The procedures of treatment mayinclude surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other therapeutic ways on the grounds ofthe characteristics of the tumor and how it impacts the overall health of an individual.

Awake craniotomies

In most surgical cases, the patient stays unconscious to make sure that an effective outcome is obtained after the surgery. Awake craniotomy is an unusual procedure of brain surgery where the patient stays awake as the surgeon conducts the surgery. It is crucial that the patient stays alert during the surgery to ensure that their speech, movements of different body parts, and sensations are not affected because of the surgery.

At the initial stage, the surgical team numbs the skull by using local Anesthesia. After the anesthesia starts working, the surgical team employs different ways like asking simple questions to make the patient stay conscious and alert. This helps the surgeons to track and monitor the functioning of the brain. The procedure is conducted by brain mapping, through which the lesion or the defect is identified and operated. The patient might be instructed to play his favorite musical instrument or count numbers to make sure that the functional portions of the brain are working without hindrance.




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