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Cervical stenosis

The Spinal canal is a pathway through which the spinal cord and other nerves run from one part of the body to the other. When the spinal canal changes its dimension and becomes narrow in the neck area it gives rise to a medical condition commonly known as Cervical stenosis. As the spinal canal becomes narrower, it puts pressure on the roots of the nerves and the cord that passes through it which may restrict their normal functioning in the body

The changes in function give rise to the following symptoms-

Cervical stenosis can be attributed to multiple factors. It can be caused due to old age or the problem of a shrunk spinal canal can be seen in individuals from birth. Another cause of Cervical stenosis can likely be the occurrence of bone spurs interfering with the spinal canal.

People mostly tend to ignore the signs of Cervical stenosis in their nascent stage. In most cases, Cervical stenosis is mild and throughout the life doesn’t show signs of severity. Doctors treat Cervical stenosis with medicines and physical therapies to control the occurrence of pain in the neck region. Also, lifestyle medication is recommended to minimize the intensity of the pain.

However, in certain cases, doctors opt for surgery to reduce the pressure exerted on the nerve roots and the spinal cord. The type of surgery is decided by experts based on the cause and position of the stenosis to make sure that the patients are relieved from the pain and uneasiness after the completion of the surgery.

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