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Disc Herniation

Mostly all of us have heard the phrase ‘Slipped disk’. But the cause of occurrence is still unknown to most of us. To understand the medical condition, it is important that we become familiar with the structure of the spinal cord. The cord is made of bones that are placed on top of each other. In between the bones, discs are placed that protect the bones or nerves from damage. Moreover, the discs are made of two parts, a soft interior, with a get-like material in the centre of the disc, and a hard outer layer which in medical terms is called annulus fibrosus.

Disc Herniation or Slipped disk denotes a condition where the intervertebral discs get affected. It is caused when the soft middle portion of the disc gets pushed through a crack in the harder exterior layer. This occurrence compresses the surrounding nerves of the cord giving rise to unusual complexity and discomfort in the lumbar region.

The causes of disc herniation can be attributed to old age, injury, genetic factors, or lifestyle that may include occupational hazards. The symptoms remain similar to the conditions that occur in the spine region. They are-

  • Mild to extreme pain in the lower back portion.
  • A tingling sensation as if pins or needles are pricked in the nerves
  • Weakness in the muscles.

Images obtained through X-rays or scans help doctors detect the condition. Based on the study of the images, a specialist decides on the mode of treatment which can be medicines, physical therapies, or in extreme cases, surgery. However, it is crucial that individuals suffering from the mentioned symptoms should seek medical guidance to reduce the chances of severity.

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