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Brain tumor


A Glioma is said to be a type of tumor in the brain whose place of origin is the glial cells. These cells are located in the brain and spinal cord region, that is the Central Nervous System. The predominant


Meninges is the membrane that encompasses and safeguards the spinal cord and the brain from getting damaged.. Meningioma has a slower rate of growth and 

Acoustic schwannoma

An acoustic schwannoma is a non-cancerous tumor and it grows in the Schwann cells. The primary role of Schwann cells is to safeguard and insulate the nerves of the peripheral nervous system.

Pituitary tumor

The pituitary gland is situated at the bottom of the brain and plays a very significant role in conducting various functions in the body.

Personal Therapy

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$ 75 per hour

Couples Therapy

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$ 110 per hour
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Group Therapy

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$ 250 per hour

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